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Contractors Worry over Everything: From Their Site Being Broken Into, Equipment Being Stolen, Having Power Disrupted, or a Fire Damaging Their Pride and Joy.

There is a good reason for contractors to worry. Recently, thefts of metal and tool theft are common at construction sites. Tools, easily worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, are costly to replace. Copper theft is also a well-known crime that is rapidly growing. Add in disasters like fires and floods to theft and we’ve got too much to handle.

So what is the cost of having a peace of mind? The answer is simple – priceless. With Guardian Systems, however, priceless is affordable.

Many contractors are unaware that security devices for their job sites exist. Guardian Systems, LLC. provides a wide range of security solutions for contractors.

Preventing theft is not the only thing they do. Their Global Contractor Guardian™ is a wireless security device that builds a virtual fence around a job site, using wireless sensors to detect intrusion, smoke, heat, water levels, power loss, low batter, Global Positional System (GPS), and more. They also feature another product, Tool Guardian™, which protects a contractor’s tool storage from things like intrusion, power loss, and low battery. In addition, they are able to customize and upgrade their products to suit any contractor’s needs. Their unit requires simple installation and contractors can easily transfer them to another site.

When an alarm occurs, the wireless sensors communicate with the unit, which sends an automated message to the contractor’s cell phone, notifying them of the alarm. The unit can send the alarm message to three different phone numbers and email addresses. Contractors also have access to an online account, where they can check the status of their site and its coordinates, arm or disarm their unit, and more. Their wireless security devices, as quoted from their website, “take the worry out of property ownership”.

The Global Contractor Guardian™ and Tool Guardian™ are just a few of the many products that Guardian Systems offers. Some of their other products include wireless security systems for boats, RVs and homes, as well as a portable security system.

Guardian Systems, LLC. was founded in 2001 to provide a wide range of security solutions for property owners.


For more information, please call Guardian Systems at 800/330-7413, email them at, or visit their website at

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