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Customization of Security Systems

Looking for a customized security system? We offer custom configuration with our products. If you need more or less sensors, we are able to configure the pre-developed system for you at no charge. We meet the needs of our customers by offering special sensors, and we are constantly seeking sensors that will fit endless applications. If you are looking for a unique alarm system, we can custom configure one for you.

We also offer custom development to fit any application you might have, at an additional charge. Contact us for additional information.

NOTE: The Guardian System™ has limited customization available. Be sure to contact us before ordering accessories, to ensure proper functionality and system viability.

If there is a feature in our system(s) that you are looking for, please contact our friendly sales team or send a comment. We appreciate having you as our customers and would like to know how we can improve to meet your needs.

For information about Guardian Systems such as history and other contact details please visit about us.


When ordering any of our products, please contact us in advance. Some sensors do not apply with certain units. We would like the chance to discuss your situation to ensure that the system we build for you will meet your needs. Please allow a minimum of one week for assembling and testing to ensure that you will receive an operating unit. Please see our guarantees page for additional information.

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