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Product Demonstration

Click here to view the Tool Guardian™ Demo.
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What Happens

Exactly what happens when an alarm is sent to a Guardian Systems security system?

Guardian Diagram To the right is a Guardian Diagram to help better explain how Guardian Systems security systems work. Each time an alarm is sent to the main unit, our wireless security systems contacts the cellular network. Next, the cellular network notifies our secure server. Our secure server then contacts you via phone with an event specific message. You have the ability log on to your secure account, view the details of your security system or adjust any contact information.Once you receive your username and password, you can visit one of our secure web sites depending on the security system you own.

Step 1 - Events Page

After you logon the events page will display as shown below. The events page displays the Time Stamp, Alarm and Alarm Details. Map Details provides a redirect to a nautical or land map showing the latitude and longitude of your alarm. Our security systems, Marine Guardian, RV Guardian and Contractor Guardian, send daily status message at about about 2:01 AM (CST). Members can archive their history by month and year. Members can easily navigate through our secure site. Next we will walk you through the preferences page.
Product Demonstration - Events Page

Step 2 - Preferences Page

The preferences page is where you view and update your information. If you need to change your phone number to contact you when a sensor is sent to the main unit, you can do that on the preferences page. You want to keep your primary phone number in the first box because each number will be called three times before moving to the next phone number. Please click the control folder tab to view the control panel.
Product Demonstration - Preferences Page

Step 3 - Control Page

The control page is where you have the ability to receive coordinates, status, lock and unlock (arm/disarm) your security system. Let's say that you need the electrician to look at your RV at the last minute. You have the ability to disarm your security system, preventing an alarm. If someone steals your RV, Motor Craft or Jobsite Trailer our products can assist with recovering the location by receiving GPS coordinates (global units only). This is a very beneficial feature which gives you complete control of your security system via Internet. Next, we will demonstrate what happens when you try to send messages to your security system.
Product Demonstration - Control Page

Sending a Message

  1. When you select and send a message to your security system you will encounter the message below confirming the message you would like to send, the amount of packets you have left and how many will be used while sending a message.
    Product Demonstration - Control Page: Send

  2. After confirming this is the message, you will see the next screen, pictured below.

    Product Demonstration - Control Page: Progress

  3. Finally, you will be redirect the the preferences page to view the message you sent. The message takes a few seconds to appear, so you may have to refresh the page a few times.

This is the end of the demo section of Guardian Systems security products. We have a demonstration portfolio and product catalog available. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us or visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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