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Tool Guardian™ Product Demonstration

Tool Guardian™ monitors movement, theft plus loss of power. There is an optional battery backup supply with the Tool Guardian™. Tool Guardian™ is portable, easy to install and operate. The Tool Guardian™ makes sure your tools are monitored and safe.

Operation Details

Guardian Diagram The first step to operating the Tool Guardian™ is to install the sensor in the tool chest or box. Next, log on to the Tool Guardian™ secure website to insert the phone number contacts you want the Tool Guardian™ to call in case of an alarm. If a sensor is triggered, you will receive an alarm specific automated message and you can log on and view the history of your Tool Guardian™. You can take the proper action and avoid damage or loss. When a sensor is triggered and you recieve the alarm specific message, you can log on to the secure website and view your details.


Once you receive an alarm message, you can log on to Tool Guardian™ secure website and view your history log. The alarm is displayed along with the time and date it was received. If an alarm is triggered you can view the call information by selecting the 'Click Here' link and view your call information details. Customers can easily navigate through different Tool Guardian™ options. You can click the 'preferences' link to change your information such as alarms and phone number contacts.

Product Demonstration - Events Page: TG

Guardian Systems knows how unexpected and busy life can get, that is why the preferences page was developed. You can view how many messages you have left on your account so you do not get over-charged. Customers can also change their Tool Guardian™ contact and sensor information easily. Here is a sample of what your account would look like.
Product Demonstration - Preferences Page

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