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Global Contractor Guardian™

This Security Device is the solution for: jobsites/trailers and similar construction sites. Products are customizable.

Jobsite Satellite Security System

Global Contractor Security System Anything can happen at anytime to your jobsite / construction site: vandalism, copper theft, tool theft, fires, and more. Unfortunately, you will not always be there to stop the daily threats your jobsite faces before severe damage or loss occurs. Guardian Systems creates satellite security systems with customers in mind, that is why we developed the global wireless jobsite security alarm system, Global Contractor Guardian™. Global Contractor Guardian™ will protect and provide notification against the most prevalent threats to your jobsite. At the same time, it gives jobsite and construction developers the ability to remotely activate and deactivate electronic devices on site. The Global Contractor Guardian™ will help secure your jobsite, preventing loss or damage by monitoring your jobsite wirelessly.

Global Contractor Guardian™ is a wireless satellite security alarm system that uses the Inmarsat D+ Satellite Network to communicate with our server. It builds a virtual fence around a parked job site/trailer, using wireless sensors to detect unauthorized entry, smoke, heat, high water levels, GPS (Global Positional System), loss of power and low battery voltage. Global Contractor Guardian™ takes some of the worry out of jobsite and contractor ownership.

How It Works

Global Contractor Guardian™ is more reliable due to the development of the Inmarsat D+ Satellite Network. Say an intruder stumbles along your jobsite. Global Contractor Guardian™ notifies the Inmarsat D+ Satellite Network. The Inmarsat D+ Satellite Network returns a message of the situation. Our server records the return message and notifies you via phone of the incident. That is the Guardian Systems security system process in a nutshell. See our demo for details.

Secure Online Account, At Your Service

All security systems are integrated with our server. Each Guardian Systems security system owner has a secure online account where a history of events is logged for viewing. By logging on to the web site at anytime, you can view the status and condition of your property.

Global Contractor Guardian™ allows you to always know where your job site/trailer is located by logging on to our online web site as GPS is integrated. In renter applications, a user may want to monitor loss of power or temperature. As your needs change, your Global Contractor Guardian™ can be customized, updated and upgraded to accommodate you. If you relocate to a new jobsite, your Global Contractor Guardian™ security system can be easily transferred. The simple removal and installation of the wireless sensors makes the transfer easy.


Guardian Systems is always developing new products for specialized situations, suiting today's needs. We want you to fully understand the technology involved in each of our units. If you are looking for a security system similar to this product, please visit our customization page. Are you looking for a more simplistic product? Check out The Guardian System™, our Portable Wireless Security System. We also offer Tool Guardian™ to help protect your tools, as well as boat/yacht security systems, RV security systems, and more. View our products page here.

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