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Grandma Guardian™

This Security Device is the solution for: making sure you know your loved ones are safe. Let them easily notify you in case of an accident/emergency.

The Reliable Panic Alarm

Contractor Guardian Guarantee The Grandma Guardian™ is the perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe! If you are getting the Grandma Guardian™ for a loved one, be notified when they need assistance! If it's for yourself, notify someone else immediately when you need help! Wear the panic pendant transmitter like a necklace and push the panic button when help is needed! This is especially useful for situations where you or your loved one is unable to reach a phone to call for help when something happens, such as a nasty fall. It's light, and much more convenient than carrying a cell-phone around.

How It Works

Grandma Guardian™ Installation is done with ease due to wireless communications. Make sure your loved one is wearing the pendant, wirelessly connect it to the unit, then activate. Configuring your Grandma Guardian™ such as setting up phone numbers to call, is all done easily over the Internet. The Grandma Guardian™ will dial three phone numbers in 20-30 seconds with an automated phone message informing you that your loved one needs help! See our demo for details.

Secure Online Account, At Your Service

All security systems are integrated with our server. Each Guardian Systems security system owner has a secure online account where a history of events is logged for viewing. By logging on to the web site at anytime, you can also update your account information, as well as alarm notification information.


Guardian Systems is always developing new products for specialized situations, suiting today's needs. We want you to fully understand the technology involved in each of our units. If you are looking for a security system similar to this product, please visit our customization page. We also offer products to help monitor and protect your property, including RVs, boats, homes, tools, construction sites, trucks, and more. View our products page here.

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